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Friends, here are the 50 most  important questions which will help u in competitive exams like CSS.

1. Which is not a Tundra type of vegetation ?
(a) Sedges (b) Steppes
(c) Mosses (d) Lichens

2. The Mediterranean lands are often called the world's-
(a) grazing lands (b) forest lands
(c) orchard lands (d) paddy lands

3. Which of the following regions gets no rainfall throughout the year ?
(a) The Equatorial Region (b) The Tundra Region
(c) The Himalayan Region (d) The Mediterranean Region

4. Cuba is in-
(a) Pacific Ocean (b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Black sea (d) Red sea

5. Which of the following is the capital of Bulgaria?
(a) Sofia (b) Danube
(c) Rio de Janeiro (d) Belgrade

6. Strait of Malacca separates-
(a) Sumatra and Malaysia (b) Java and Brunei
(c) Malaysia and Brunei (d) Sumatra and Java

7. Which of the following is the largest island ?
(a) Cuba (b) Great Britain
(c) Greenland (c) Sri Lanka

8. The Ocean between America and Europe is called
(a) Pacific (b) Arctic
(c) Atlantic (d) Southern

9. 90% of the world's rice is grown in-
(a) America (b) Africa
(c) United Kingdom (d) Asia

10. Which of the following is world's largest producer Bauxite ?
(a) Australia (b) Yogoslavia
(c) Hungary (d) U. S. A.

11.The primary producer of passenger cars is-
(a) U.S.A. (b) Japan
(c) Italy (d) Germarj

12.Which of the following countries is relatively industrial; developed ?
(a) Thailand (b) Pakistan
(c) India (d) Bangladesh

13.K. L. M. a worldwide airlines, belongs to which of that following countries ?
(a) France (b) Germany
(c) Japan (d) The Netherlands

14.On which of the following rivers is London situated
(a) Darling (b) Mississippi
(c) Rhine (d) Thames

15. Hyetology is the study of-
(a) High Pressure (b) High temperature
(c) Rainfall (d)Earthquake

16. Ethiopia was earlier known as-
(a) Abyssinia (b) Christina
(c) Formosa (d) Persia.

17. Which of the following countries is known as the Land of Golden Pagodas ?
(a) Mayanmar (b) Nepal 
(c) China (d) Which is known as the 'metal of hope' ?

18. High Temperature Earthquake
(a) Gold (b) Iron (c) Uranium (d) Platinum

19. Which of the following animals is found mainly in Tibetan highlands ?
(a) Lion (b) Giraffe
(c) Deer (d) Yak

20.The country which is commonly known as the 'Land of Golden Fleece' ic-
(a) A Australia (b) Britain
(c) France (d) Japan

21 "Contours' are lines connecting places having-
(a) Equal temperature (b) Equal pressure
(c) Equal rainfall (d) Equal hight

22. Which type of forest belt supplies most of the world's requirement of newsprint ?
(a) Coniferous forest (b) Deciduous forest
(c) Evergreen forest (d) Mediterranean forest

23.The lesading producer of Sulphur is-
(a) Canada (b) U. S.A.
(c) Spain (d) Italy

24.Rhine valley in France is known for mineral deposits of-
(a) Zinc (b) Nickel
(c) Copper (d) Bauxite

25.Which of the following forms of coal is the oldest ?
(a) Peat (b) Lignite
(c) Bituminous (d) Anthracite

26.Geostationary orbit is at a height of-
(a) 6 Km (b) 1000 Km
(c) 3600 Km (d) 36000 Km

27.The eaarth rotates around an axis pointing towards-
(a) the moon (b) the polestar
(c) the sun (d) the venus

28. Which one of the following lattitudes forms a great circle
(a) 0° (b) 23V2
(c) 66V2 0 (d) 90°

29. In how many time zones has the world been divided ?
(a) 15 (b) 24
(c) 90 (d) 180

30.Which of the following is the most destructive ?
(a) Cyclone (b) Tornado
(c) Typhoon (d) Willy-willy

31.Which of the following rocks are transformed into marbles ?
(a) Granite (b) Limestone
(c) Peat (d) Shale

32. Earthquake rarely occur in-
(a) Alaska (b) Brazil
(c) Mexico (d) New Zealand

33. Caldera is a feature associated with-
(a) Volcanoes (b) Earthquakes
(c)Folding of rocks (d) Faulting of mountains

34. Which of the following regions contains doline land features ?
(a) Voltaic (b) Deltaic
(c) Karrt (d) Glaciate

35. Which of the following is a warm ocean current ?
(a) Kuroshio (b) Peruvian
(c) Labrador (d) None of these

36. Which of the following is a cold current ?
(a) Kuroshio (b) Benezuela
(c) Brazil (d) Gulf stream
37. The world's deepest trench is-
(a) Pacific ocean (b) Indian ocean
(c) Atlantic ocean (d) Mediterranean sea

38. Shekel is the currency of-
(a) Brunei (b) Israel (c) Jordan (d) Myanmar

39. The natural vegitation of Savanna consists of-
(a) tall grass (b) serub jungle (c) short grass (d) trees

40. The hot deserts of the world are generally found near-
(a) the equator (b) the doldrums
(c) the horse lattitude (d) the tundras

41. The strait which separates Africa from Europe is-
(a) Hook strait (b) Strait of Gibraltar
(c) Palk strait (d) Bering strait

42. Which is not an island ?
(a) Cuba (b) Greenland
(c) Ireland (d) Sweden

43. Which country 'Golan Heights' belongs to ?
(a) China (b) Israel
(c) Syria (d) Iraq

44.The national name of Spain is-
(a) Sohweiz (b) Reino de Espana
(c) Konungariket (d) Mesopotamia

45. Which of the following is not a desert ?
(a) Gobi (b) Kalahari (c) Sahara (d) Cotopaxi
 Answer: (d)

46. Largest lake in Africa is-
(a) Lake Victoria (b) Lake Malawi
(c) Lake Tanganyika (d) Lake Chad

47. The climate best suited for horticulture is-
(a) Equatorial (b) Mediterranean
(c) Monsoon (d) Tundra

48. The crop associated with retting process is-
(a) Wheat (b) Rice
(c) Jute .(d) Cotton

49.In the total population of South Africa, Asians constitute about-
(a) 1% (b) 2 5%
(c) 5.5% (d) 11%

50. How many bright stars are there in the constellation named 'Ursa Major" or the Great Bear ?
(a) 10 (b) 9
(c) 8 ' (d) 7

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