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Posted by : Unknown Thursday, 21 March 2013

To hide a drive:

  • Click Start -> Run option.
  • Type cmd in Run window and press Enter key or click Ok button. (It opens a prompt command on your screen within 5 seconds.)
  • Type diskpart in command prompt against C:\Documents andSettings\Administrator> to display the DISKPART> session.
  • Type list volume in command prompt against DISKPART>. (It will display drive information of your computer. It provides details of volume, letter that indicates a drive, label (if any) drive type and size it captures.)
  • Select a volume, for instance, type select volume 2 and press Enter key. You will see a message that volume 2 is selected. (You need to select a drive by putting the volume number that indicates a specific drive. In this example, volume 0, volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3 indicate the drives F, C, D and E respectively.)
  • Now type remove letter D in command prompt against DISKPART>and press Enter key. It will show a message successfully removed the drive letter or mount type. (Note that volume 2 indicates the letter D in this case that means you arehiding drive D.)
Now open My Computer window, you will notice the drive d disappeared. Now restart your computer.
To show drive again:
  • If you want to retrieve the drive again and show it on the list, follow the above steps till step 6.
  • Type assign letter D and click Enter key. Now restart your computer. Your hidden drive is rolled back.
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